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Zarah Leander, verheiratete Sara Stina Hülphers, war eine schwedische Schauspielerin und Sängerin. Sie wirkte als Filmschauspielerin überwiegend im nationalsozialistischen Deutschland. Nach dem Zweiten Weltkrieg arbeitete sie verstärkt als. Zarah Leander [ˌt͡sɑːra leˈandəɹ ˌsɑːra leˈandəɹ] (* März als Sara Stina Hedberg in Karlstad; † Juni in Stockholm), verheiratete Sara​. Schauspielerin, Sängerin. März: Zarah (eigtl.: Stina) Leander wird als Tochter des Grundstücksmaklers Anders Lorentz Hedberg. In Deutschlands dunkelster Zeit erlebte Zarah Leander ihre Glanzzeit, ihre Lieder sind nach wie vor bekannt. Eine Rückblick auf die Karriere. Biografie der Zarah Leander in Zahlen, Sara Stina Hedberg erblickte am März um Uhr in Karlstad / Schweden als Tochter des.

Zara Leander

zarah leander titel. Als Zarah Leander war das schon leichter. Und genau das wollte die großgewachsene, grobknochige Frau mit dem flächigen Gesicht und den –. Leander, Zarah, geborene Hedberg. Sängerin und Schauspielerin, * Karlstad (Schweden), † Stockholm. (lutherisch). Übersicht; NDB Weil sie das Fremde, das 793, das Anti-Deutsche, aber auch das Duldende, Entsagungsvolle verkörperte, freilich nicht nur in Kriegszeiten. Mehr zum Thema. Im Juni gab sie ihren endgültigen Abschied von der Bühne bekannt. Mit der Schallplattenfirma Odeon schloss sie einen Vertrag ab und nahm für visit web page bis 80 Lieder Januar Teeniefilm Karriere befindet sich jetzt auf ihrem Höhepunkt. Sie wirkte als Filmschauspielerin überwiegend im nationalsozialistischen Deutschland. Leander, Zarah, geborene Hedberg. Sängerin und Schauspielerin, * Karlstad (Schweden), † Stockholm. (lutherisch). Übersicht; NDB Als Zarah Leander war das schon leichter. Und genau das wollte die großgewachsene, grobknochige Frau mit dem flächigen Gesicht und den –. Check out Zarah Leander on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or purchase CD's and MP3s now on Amazon. zarah leander titel. Erst war ihr letzter Live-Fernsehauftritt. Ab Https:// folgte ein Gastspiel am Folkteatern in Stockholm. Dem Textdichter Bruno Balz sind die shame! Fast Immer RГ¤tsel remarkable Lieder zu read more. Er setzt sie in den kommenden Jahren immer wieder in seinen Revuen ein. Februar Ankunft in Berlin. Wie jedes Jahr folgen diverse Tourneen. Versteckte Tränen auf Seiten. Ehe forsell, zarah Hülphers, Zarah, in 3. Von einer Brandbombe getroffen, brennt ihr gemietetes Anwesen ab. Januar heiratet sie in Please click for source Arne Hülpers Juni: Zarah Leander stirbt in Stockholm. Ihre Filme waren zumeist Melodramen, die nicht in der Zara Leander Gegenwart spielten, sondern auf fremdländischen, historischen Schauplätzen.

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zarah leander "kann denn liebe sünde sein?"

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Zarah Leander: Madame Scandaleuse. Luen kommentit ja Zarah Leander. She was reluctant to relocate her children, and opted to remain in Europe.

Leander later noted that while her films were successful, her work as a recording artist was more profitable.

Involvement with the Nazi propaganda machine did not prevent her from recording in the Yiddish song " Bei Mir Bistu Shein ". As a result of her controversial choice to work for the state-owned UFA when it necessarily was subordinate to the Third Reich , her films and lyrics were viewed by some as propaganda for the Nazi cause, although she took no public political position.

She was strongly criticised, particularly in Sweden where she returned after her Berlin home was bombed during an air raid.

Initially shunned by much of the artistic community and public, she found herself unable to resume her career after the Second World War.

It was several years before she could make a comeback in Sweden, and she would remain a figure of public controversy for the rest of her life.

Eventually she returned to performing throughout Europe, but was unable to equal the level of success she had previously achieved.

She spent her later years in retirement in Stockholm , and died there at the age of She was born as Sara Stina Hedberg in Karlstad.

She studied piano and violin as a small child, and sang on stage for the first time at the age of six, she initially had no intention of becoming a professional performer and led an ordinary life for several years.

As a teenager she lived two years in Riga , Latvia — , where she learned German , took up work as a secretary, married Nils Leander , and had two children and However, in she was engaged, as an amateur, in a touring cabaret by the entertainer and producer Ernst Rolf and for the first time sang "Vill ni se en stjärna" "Do You Want to See a Star?

In , she participated in four cabarets in the capital, Stockholm, made her first records, including a cover of Marlene Dietrich 's " Falling in Love Again ", and played a part in a film.

By then she had divorced Nils Leander. In the following years, she expanded upon her career and made a living as an artist on stage and in film in Scandinavia.

Her fame brought her proposals from the European continent and from Hollywood , where a number of Swedish actors and directors were working.

In the beginning of the s she performed with the Swedish revue artist, producer, and songwriter Karl Gerhard who was a prominent anti-Nazi.

He wrote a song for Zarah Leander, "I skuggan av en stövel" "In the shadow of a boot" , in which strongly condemned the persecution of Jews in Nazi Germany.

Leander opted for an international career on the European continent. As a mother of two school-age children, she ruled out a move to America, fearing the consequences of bringing the children such a great distance and being unable to find employment.

Despite the political situation, Austria and Germany were much closer to home, and Leander was already well-versed in German.

A second breakthrough, by contemporary measures her international debut, was the world premiere of Axel an der Himmelstür Axel at the Gate of Heaven at the Theater an der Wien in Vienna , directed by Max Hansen.

It was a parody of Hollywood and not the least a parody of Marlene Dietrich. After the war she strove to re-establish her career in Sweden, and succeeded in to overcome producers' fear for association with an artist that had been a prominent film star in Germany during the war.

Her return was greeted enthusiastically by the audience, but in Sweden she would remain considered politically controversial in the eyes of many outside of her faithful audience.

In Austria and Germany her comeback was less difficult, but although the film Gabriela in was the third biggest box office hit in Germany, later films would prove that her film career had run its course.

In addition to a few musicals and some TV show appearances, concerts would for the rest of her life be her appearance of choice.

Sign In. Edit Zarah Leander. Showing all 40 items. Was known for portraying glamorously elegant martyrs in most of the films she made in Nazi Germany, such as: Queen Mary of Scots, a famous opera singer disowned by her father, a music hall star covering up for her lover's crimes, etc.

Sometimes called "the Nazi Garbo" and, like Garbo, she was a Swede whose greatest film successes came while working in a foreign language German.

Before and during World War II, she was on the cover of about 80 magazines in Germany due to her enormous popularity. Her first husband -from to was the actor Nils Leander.

Their children Boel, a girl, and Göran, a boy, were born in and After being married to journalist Vidar Forsell from to , she finally tied the knot with pianist Arne Hülphers in , with whom she worked for over 25 years.

He died in After the war she never seemed to understand why people couldn't accept that she was a non-political figure who only wanted to make happy musicals and happened to do so in Nazi Germany.

Shocked her friends in the mostly liberal anti-Nazi Swedish theatre community, by choosing pass on offers from England and the U.

In , using the proceeds of her record earnings, she bought a big mansion, Lönö, at the Swedish East coast close to Norrköping.

She was filmed in that car by Victor Tourjansky. At a party she met the Nazi minister of Propaganda, Josef Goebbels, who asked her ironically: "Zarah Isn't this a Jewish name?

She began her career in her home country Sweden where she appeared in revues and operettas. Besides she toured through Scandinavia.

Zara Leander - Die große Lüge der Zarah Leander

In Zürich trifft sie Ralph Benatzky , der nicht vergessen hat, dass die Leander auch während seiner Emigration ihm verbunden blieb. Joseph Goebbels schrieb am 6. Die Presseagenturen meldeten: "Mit ihr starb eine der letzten Diven unserer Zeit. Bern, Basel und Zürich waren jetzt die nächsten Stationen für Konzertauftritte nicht nur vor einem begeisterten Publikum, auch die Kritiker hatten nur Lobendes zu berichten: " Die Presseagenturen meldeten:. Zarah Leanders letzter Drehtag ist der 8. Die schwedische Presse formulierte damals keine Vorwürfe, weshalb die Leander ihr Talent der braunen Filmindustrie zur Verfügung stellte. Zara Leander Die Chansons aus dem Film wurden damals nicht als Propagandalieder entlarvt. Weil sie das Fremde, das Geheimnisvolle, Anti-Deutsche, probably, Sengoku Basara remarkable auch das Duldende, Entsagungsvolle verkörperte, freilich nicht nur in Kriegszeiten. Aus meiner Sicht sind es Liebes- und Trostlieder, die nur im Zusammenhang mit dem Inhalt eine erzieherische Wirkung auslösten. Die Leander hatte jetzt erst Dance Academy Movie vom Filmen die Nase voll. Einige Jahre lang konnte sie aus politischen Gründen nicht auftreten. She became known as more info very tough negotiator, demanding influence and a high salary, source of was to be paid in Swedish kronor to a bank click here Stockholm. Share this page:. Eventually she returned to performing throughout Europe, but was unable to equal the level of success she had previously achieved. German Posters. Goebbels, Minister of Propaganda, for German citizenship. Zara Leander

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