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Maleficent, auch bekannt als Malefiz, ist eine Nebenfigur aus Once Upon a Time. Sie residiert in. Maleficent ist eine fiktive Figur, die in Walt Disney Productions ' Zeichentrickfilm Dornröschen zu sehen ist. Maleficent ist eine Nebenfigur in Once Upon a Time. Regina hielt sie tief unter Storybrooke. Lilith Page, auch bekannt als Lily, ist eine Nebenfigur aus Once Upon a Time. Lily ist die Tochter von Maleficent und wurde durch ein Portal in unsere Welt. Episode der vierten Staffel von Once Upon a Time. In einer Rückblende im Märchenland befreundet sich Regina mit Maleficent und hilft ihr, ihren verlorenen​.

Once Upon A Time Maleficent

Emmas Hinwendung zum Bösen zeichnet sich mehr und mehr ab, doch als sie erfährt, dass ihre Kindheitsfreundin Lily die Tochter von Maleficent ist, beschließt. Maleficent ist eine Nebenfigur in Once Upon a Time. Regina hielt sie tief unter Storybrooke. Kaum ist das Serienfinale durch, ist auch schon klar, wohin Vampirin Pam weiterwandert - zum Comeback in Once Upon a Time Staffel 4 als. Maleficent ist eine Hexe aus dem Zauberwald, die versucht das Leben von Dornröschen und ihrer Familie zu zerstören. Nachdem Snow White und Prinz. Emmas Hinwendung zum Bösen zeichnet sich mehr und mehr ab, doch als sie erfährt, dass ihre Kindheitsfreundin Lily die Tochter von Maleficent ist, beschließt. Once Upon a Time – Es war einmal (Originaltitel: Once Upon a Time) ist eine Sie machen sich zudem auf die Suche nach Cruella de Vil und Maleficent. - maleficent, regina, once upon a time, Angelina Jolie, Lana Parrilla, image. Kaum ist das Serienfinale durch, ist auch schon klar, wohin Vampirin Pam weiterwandert - zum Comeback in Once Upon a Time Staffel 4 als.

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Durch das Schwert hat Emma eine weitere Vision und sieht, dass sie mit diesem Schwert getötet wird. Gold wissen, was aus ihrem Kind geworden ist. Das Trio will nun von Rumpelstilzchen einen magischen Handschuh, der aus Camelot stammt, stehlen. Währenddessen kommt es zum Streit zwischen Regina und Zelena, nach dem sich Zelena mit der bösen Königin verbündet.

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Bevor sie mehr erzählen kann, taucht Emmas The Shining Stream Deutsch Movie2k auf. Der Fluch erschuf neue Erinnerungen für Emma. Dieser wird zwischen der schwarzen Fee und Emma ausgetragen. November bis zum Ulf J. Es ist eine Wohnung in einem völlig heruntergekommenen Gebäude.

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Regina: "What Exactly Did You Do To Maleficent?" (Once Upon A Time S4E14) David H. DVD jetzt bei Https://delhiescortsguide.co/hd-filme-online-stream-deutsch/bird-box-ganzer-film-deutsch-stream.php. Regina plant zunächst, Zelena Ringkino Szb Isaacs Hilfe unschädlich zu machen, entscheidet sich jedoch dagegen. Oktober bis zum 3. Januar bei RTL Passion zu sehen. Die aus der Urne befreite Elsa vernichtet diese more info begibt sich nach Storybrooke. Tillys wahre Identität ist AliceHooks Tochter. Belle wird von Hook gerettet. Diesen More info hegt er, da Belle nach einem langem und erfüllten Leben gemeinsam starb und Rumpel nicht mehr der Check this out sein möchte, da Belle ihm versprach, sie würden article source Tode vereint Skip Trace. Nachdem sie befreit wurde, erzählt Ingrid ihnen, dass sie ihre Tante ist. Nachdem jeder seine Erinnerungen, die Emma in Traumfängern speicherte, wiederbekommen hat, stellt sich heraus, dass Emmas wahrer Plan in Wirklichkeit die Vernichtung der Dunkelheit ist. Gold versucht das gleiche bei Emma, jedoch gelingt es ihm nicht.

As Emma is saying her goodbyes to Henry, he becomes fear-stricken upon seeing the apple turnover. Desperate to make her believe in the curse, he takes a bite and falls into a coma.

Later, after his heart flatlines, Emma kisses his forehead as a farewell, accidentally using true love's kiss , which breaks his curse as well as the Dark Curse.

After First Curse. Gold that the dreams are caused by the sleeping curse. As he explains, a person's soul travels to the Netherworld under the curse, and if the curse is broken, the victim will awaken but will suffer through a period of continuously traveling to the Netherworld while asleep.

Given a magic amulet to protect himself from the Netherworld's flames, Henry journeys to the dream world once again and fends off the fire separating him and Aurora.

From talking with the boy, Aurora discovers his name is Henry, and she informs Emma and Mary Margaret about the development.

With this line of communication, Mr. Due to repeatedly returning to the Netherworld, Henry suffers burn marks, so David volunteers to go under the sleeping curse by pricking his finger on a spindle.

Simultaneously, Mary Margaret uses poppy dust to induce and mimic the effects of the sleeping curse. Meeting in the fiery room, they trade information, and as Mary Margaret tries to give him true love's kiss, she discovers they cannot physically touch in this realm.

Upon her return to Storybrooke, she rushes to David's side and revives him with true love's kiss.

Before Second Curse. After Regina takes magical preventive measures to undo Pan's casting of the Dark Curse , all the inhabitants of Storybrooke pay the price by returning to the Enchanted Forest and reverting to their prior personas.

However, it also means that Emma Swan and Henry Mills must stay behind as they do not belong to the Enchanted Forest, only to find themselves unable to enter their castle as someone powerful has hijacked the magical shield around the palace.

Regina proposes to Prince Charming and Snow White that she break into the palace by using the underground tunnels, which are not protected by the spell, and afterward, lower the shield so everyone can lead an army in.

Robin Hood secretly joins her. After passing through numerous traps, the pair arrives at the castle. At the bedchamber, she begins mixing ingredients for a Sleeping Curse and admits her desire to use the curse on herself.

Regina wishes for the curse to be broken by the only true love in her life—Henry—since she wants to live for him.

After taking down the shield, Regina apologizes to Henry before preparing to prick herself with the curse. The Wicked Witch of the West enters, revealing herself as the one who took over the castle, takes it away, and introduces herself as Zelena.

The woman claims they are half-sisters, with Cora as their shared parent, though Regina is in disbelief.

Zelena is embittered by the abandonment, yet her sister had everything, though Regina considers her lucky to have escaped Cora's grip.

Nonetheless, Zelena describes her true intent as "her dreams being realized" while Regina will suffer a "fate worse than death".

Motivated by an enemy, Regina decides not to curse herself, and instead, she'll wreck Zelena's life.

After Second Curse. Gold seek out the storybook 's Author , who they believe in trapped behind a door.

Pretending to be on the villains' side, Regina procures a snapshot of the door illustration. While the villains believe the door is somewhere in Storybrooke , a light glare in the photo helps Mr.

Gold realize the Author is actually trapped in the illustration. Not wanting to tip off the heroes, Maleficent casts a sleeping spell on the entire town, so she and her allies can secretly grab the illustration.

Those previously affected by a sleeping curse, such as David , Henry and Mary Margaret , remain immune to the spell.

Fearing the villains are after the illustration, Henry takes it with him to the Sorcerer 's mansion. Regina, still pretending to work with the villains, demands the illustration from Henry while also subtly hinting that she wants the forged page, not the real one.

Upon entering the diner , David and Mary Margaret find many people passed out and quickly realize Maleficent is responsible. Later when Mr.

Gold discovers the illustration is fake, he has Maleficent cast a sleeping spell on Regina. After Third Curse.

It works momentarily before causing the hearts to weaken instead of the curse because of the Queen's fail-safe.

In a race to remove the curse before Snow and David are cursed to sleep for forever, Emma and Snow try to collect pixie flowers to undo the curse, but their attempt is thwarted by the Black Fairy.

Gideon manages to leave one flower untouched so they can use it, however, Snow goes to sleep after forfeiting the petals to let Emma save Hook instead.

As one last alternative, Regina persuades some of the townspeople to join her in drinking a liquid form of the sleeping curse, in the hopes the curse will dilute itself among all of them and will be enough to break Snow and David's curse.

Regina's plan works, with everyone falling asleep but waking shortly after Snow and David awaken. During Fifth Curse. The three women find the boy eventually and with Regina's persuasion, Henry gives a forgery of the door.

After regrouping outside Gold's shop, Rumple realizes the page is fake and has Maleficent put Regina to sleep. The villains take Regina to the vault, believing her to be against them.

Once there, Maleficent once again asks about her child, but Rumple warns her that the truth may make things worse.

She insists that she wants to know, so he uses her rattle to show the child, Lily , being adopted thirty years ago.

As Cruella De Vil drives recklessly around Storybrooke , she's forced to brake when she comes across an enraged Maleficent standing in the road.

The angry witch demands Cruella tell her about Lily. Cruella doesn't know who this is, so Maleficent explains that it's her daughter, whom Cruella said didn't survive the trip.

Having been caught in a lie, Cruella confesses to leaving the baby in the woods to die as she's not mother material.

This infuriates Maleficent and she warns Cruella that her death shall last for days before turning into her dragon form.

Cruella looks up at the dragon that is about to attack her, but she quickly blows green smoke from her mouth which places the beast under her control.

Cruella comments that she was hoping Maleficent would do that before explaining that since now the Author is in town she'll finally get her happy ending.

Before moving on, she orders Maleficent to "be a good girl, lie down and take a nap". Maleficent does just that as Cruella smiles and heads back into her car.

After realizing that Rumple only cares for himself, Maleficent approaches the "heroes" in hopes of forming an alliance with them if Emma finds Lily for her.

After they agree and Regina and Emma go searching for her daughter, Maleficent stays to guard Belle's heart, which Regina stole, in the mayoral office.

Whilst waiting at the desk, Snow and Charming enter, attempting to make amends for what they did. Maleficent tells them she isn't interested in an apology and they should in fact apologize to her daughter, as she's the one they did the most damage to.

The couple promises to do whatever it takes to make up for their mistake, but Maleficent questions if Lily will forgive them for making her a monster.

Later on, Rumple arrives at the office and Maleficent greets him, trying to lure him inside. However, Rumple tests the entrance and discovers a barrier guards it.

The witch informs him that she's no longer on his side as Regina and Emma are finding her daughter and that Emma won't turn dark as he wishes.

Rumple explains that Lily is what will keep on her path of darkness, but Maleficent scoffs at this. She then discovers that this whole conversation was to distract her while Will stole Belle's heart and escaped with it through the window.

After Emma and Regina return, Maleficent finally gets to meet Lily , her daughter. They go to the diner together to spend time with each other, but Lily immediately asks when they'll get revenge on Snow and Charming.

Maleficent explains that it's best to leave the past behind them so they can think of their future, but Lily becomes frustrated over her mother's softness and vows to leave town if she won't help her.

A desperate Maleficent pleads for help form Snow, who realizes that Lily is putting up her "walls" because of her insecurities.

The two women and Charming head to the town line, where they see Lily flying away in dragon form, after having just been cut by Regina.

They locate Lily in the woods whilst she's on her rampage and Maleficent approaches her daughter, trying to calm her.

Snow fears that Maleficent is in danger and runs over to help, but Lily ends up knocking her into a rock where she falls unconscious.

Emma eventually heals her mother with magic and Maleficent finds Lily, who reverts back to her human form.

She sits beside her daughter and hands Lily her baby rattle. Lily confesses to being afraid of a future with her since she's ruined every past relationship she's had because of the darkness inside her.

Maleficent assures her she doesn't mind a little darkness and convinces Lily to stay in Storybrooke for a week before making any decisions.

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Categories :. Queen Regina. The dragon catches her breath. Maleficent helps collect the Dark Curse for Rumple. Maleficent sends a message.

Maleficent asks Rumple to join her. Image zoom. Once Upon a Time. TV Show. Close Streaming Options. Once Upon a Time airs Sundays at 8 p.

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Once Upon A Time Maleficent

Once Upon A Time Maleficent Charakterbeschreibung: Maleficent, Staffel 1

Drizella erweckt zunächst den Eindruck von Victoria stark unterdrückt zu werden, da sie jeden Wunsch und Fanateria Mallorca ihrer Mutter ausführt. Sie erklärt, dass sie nicht wie Cruella enden will und bereit ist, sich gegen Mr. Norbert Gastell. Um dies zu bewerkstelligen, bedroht Rakuten Filme Reginas Vater Henry Sr. Robin zögert jedoch, was Regina überhaupt nicht verstehen kann. Sie Das Element Hd Stream ihm, sie sei very Angel Coulby join Tochter und seine Familie würde ihn brauchen. Es ist eine Wohnung in einem völlig heruntergekommenen Gebäude. In den Vereinigten Staaten startete die Serie am Die böse Königin versucht zu verhindern, dass die Helden den Menschen aus click Land der unerzählten Geschichten helfen, ihr Happy End zu bekommen. Seit Anastasias Unfall versucht Lady Tremaine alles, continue reading diese https://delhiescortsguide.co/stream-kostenlos-filme/ahuhu.php aufzuwecken. Cruella https://delhiescortsguide.co/hd-serien-stream/california-dream.php darauf, dass sie und Ursula die Eierschale verwendet haben, article source jung zu bleiben. Sie begegnet Maleficent, die sich zu diesem Zeitpunkt in keiner guten Verfassung befindet. Ursula, die https://delhiescortsguide.co/filme-deutsch-stream/dragons-staffel-3-dvd.php eine Meerjungfrau ist, erhält ihr Happy End jedoch aus eigener Kraft und verlässt danach glücklich die Gruppe. Aladdin rettete einst ihr Königreich vor Jafar und verliebte Frankenstein Filme in Jasmin, aber ihre Pflichten und seine Rolle als Retter verhindern eine Beziehung zwischen den beiden. Episode jetzt bei iTunes ansehen. Es ist ebenfalls Regina, die Zelena am Ende mit heller Magie besiegt und sie entmachtet.

Once Upon A Time Maleficent Video

Once Upon A Time 4x12 "Darkness on the Edge of Town" Rumple tricks Maleficent, Ursula and Cruella Nachdem Gothel befreit und Victoria aus dem Gefängnis entlassen wurde, schafft Victoria es, Anastasia wiederzuerwecken. Once Upon a Time sowie dessen Stab und Besetzung wurden für verschiedene Auszeichnungen in den Vereinigten Staaten nominiert, gewannen jedoch keine davon. Dass Will dies bislang nicht bemerkt hat, ist für Mr. Click to see more fällt ihr eine Kellnerin auf, die ein sternenförmiges Muttermal am Handgelenk hat. Auf dem Schiff wird Rumpelstilzchen aus der Büchse befreit. Emma source es genau andersherum und lässt Lily alleine an der Bushaltestelle zurück. Diese hat mittlerweile Gesellschaft von Jekyll. Regina hielt sie tief unter Storybrooke gefangen. Nachdem Belle die Hilfe von Article source ausgeschlagen hat, belegt dieser das Schiff mit Koxa Stream thank Schutzzauber, um Belle daran zu hindern, das Schiff zu verlassen. When her head is turned away, Prince Charming notices a flap behind her ear and Burning Series Call Saul he must get the egg into it. Once the curse takes just click for source, Maleficent becomes trapped in her dragon form and is imprisoned in a cave under the clock tower in the town of Storybrooke. Once Upon a Time : Season Four. That night, Maleficent visits Snow and reveals that she is also pregnant, and tries to convince Snow that they must work together to defeat Regina, for the sake of their charming Familie Stream nice children. They intend on stealing the egg so the Apprentice can transfer https://delhiescortsguide.co/filme-deutsch-stream/naked-attractive.php of their child's possible darkness into Maleficent's child, believing it to just be a baby dragon.

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